All in Systems Engineer

Former Lt. Amelia Gould

I don't like the term 'work/personal life balance' because I don't want to compromise,” says Amelia Gould, systems engineer, former Royal Navy lieutenant, currently chief of staff to the BAE Systems CEO and mother of two! “It's not so much a balance as a conscious choice and I'll concentrate on whatever needs attention at that moment. If there's a work project deadline then that gets my attention and if its one of my children's birthdays or they are ill then that is my priority,” she explains…

Béatrice Nicolas-Meunier

I don't fit into any pre-conceived boxes,” laughs this athletic woman (she runs half-marathons) who currently holds a job at France's Naval Group that she invented herself: Managing Director, Collaborative Innovation and R&D Programmes. She started bucking the trend early on. At school Béatrice's teachers pushed her into doing biology rather than the physics and chemistry she loved, probably because it was considered more suitable for a girl. So she dutifully passed her Bac D (science with a biology major) school-leaving exam and started studying biology at university… 

Mary L. Keifer

The cheerful woman in bright blue is as far removed from one's image of a geek as possible! And yet... Mary Keifer is one of those responsible for designing the computer programmes that make Lockheed Martin's Aegis naval weapon system work….